How can you provide this service at a fee far below a 6% agent?
Sounds too good to be true?  Recent technology has drastically changed the real estate industry, and we use that technology which did not exist when we first started our business in 1974.  Before the internet, we had to run ads in the newspaper and real estate magazines which were very expensive, which justified the 6% fee. The internet has helped to eliminate those expenses, because statistics show that 96% of buyers’ find their home online. Brokers/agents, now with cell phones, interactive websites, electronic signatures, and video tours can work more efficiently, thus saving time and money.  Therefore, we are able to pass the savings on to you.
Are there any additional fees?

No. The most you’ll pay in Realtor fees is 3 3/4% of the sale price. The least you’ll pay is 3/4% if you find the buyer that is not represented by an agent.

How much should I offer the buyer’s agent?

You have the choice of paying 2%, 2.5%, or 3%. This fee is agreed upon at the time of listing, and published in the MLS.  All agents will see it before showing your property.

Why should I offer the buyers agent 3%?

We encourage you to offer 3% to the buyers agent. If you offer the agent something less than 3%, then that agent will NOT be motivated to show your property to their clients, because he/she can possibly make a higher commission on selling another listing which offers 3%. However, we give you the option of offering a lesser commission.  It can be changed at any time, but it must be listed in the MLS and cannot be changed during negotiations with a buyer.

Can I cancel the listing at any time?

Yes.  You may cancel at any time, as long as there is no pending contract with a perspective buyer. The $399 fee is not refundable.

Are you a licensed Broker or agent?

I have been a licensed Broker in the state of Kentucky since 1975.’

What about an Open House?

We strongly suggest that you perform your own “Open House”, whereas this gives you the opportunity to find your “own” unrepresented buyer, thus avoiding the Selling Agent Commission.

What is my fee if you or one of your agents sell my property?

3/4% + the selling agent’s commission that you offered in the MLS.